Olivia Palermo Shops at Old Navy?! Get Her Cute Cable Knit Sweater for $30

Meghan Blalock

Our sartorial crush on Olivia Palermo is something that goes without saying, but there’s another aspect of her style that has us swooning on a regular basis: her ability to mix high and low. The street style star hit the holiday party circuit in New York this week, wearing this super-chic mix of leather, fur, and cable knits. The best part: the cute sweater she’s wearing is from Old Navy.

Olivia Palermo at the Old Navy Holiday Bazaar in NYC

Courtesy Photo

We found the topper, which is the accessible fashion brand’s Cable Knit Crew Sweater in the color Soy Latte. Get this: it’s still available on Old Navy’s site, and it’s only $30. It comes in no fewer than 10 colors, and two of those are even on sale for $20. And if it’s chic enough for Olivia, you know its style factor is legit.

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We love how Palermo wore it—clearly she’s a woman who’s not afraid to mix her fabrics. While wearing a fur over a thick knit runs a high risk of looking more bulky than anything else, Olivia manages to pull it off in a way that’s incredibly sleek. The addition of a gold-zippered leather J.Brand skirt, unzipped to just the right height, takes the outfit from winter frumpy to cold-weather chic.

Head to Old Navy to shop Olivia’s sweater now!

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