Olivia Palermo Is Seriously Rocking Her New Lob Haircut

Olivia Palermo Is Seriously Rocking Her New Lob Haircut
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Olivia Palermo’s new lob is our summer inspo.  [Instagram]

The internet found a way around Instagram’s no-nipple policy. [HuffPo]

Cara Delevingne’s Met Gala look became inspiration for this little girl after receiving chemo. [Refinery29]

Mood ring makeup is getting another chance in the spotlight. [Cosmo AU]

This brand has proof that Kylie Jenner stole its designs. [Fashionista]

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Amanda Bynes is sober and ready to return to acting. [People]

Lauren Conrad opened up about her pregnancy and her admiration for the female body. [Bustle]

Dolce & Gabbana is boycotting itself, and we’re a little confused. [Elle]

Gigi Hadid announced her new collaboration with Vogue Eyewear, and it’s available for pre-order. [Glamour]

Emma Watson has a freakishly on point doppelgänger. [BuzzFeed]