Older Women, Younger Men in Sexy New Campaigns (Plus Our Favorite Mrs. Robinson Pairings)


It’s about time campaigns reversed the roles of men and women. The days of traditional ads featuring young women in scantily clad mini dresses while seemingly older men glance at them with that desired gleam in their eyes are over. Older women are taking on a commanding role, while younger men fawn over them in admiration, at least in the latest spreads and advertising campaigns that is.

Linda Franklin, the founder of TheRealCougerWoman.com claims that the change has been brought on by a shift in buying power. “Women over 40 now have the buying power. Companies are understanding that and want to appeal to us so we spend money on their products.”

Whatever the reason, we’re glad to see that older women can shine in the spotlight, with young sexy men swooning over their 40-something bodies.

Here’s a look at the newest ad campaigns and spreads that feature beautiful older women and young men as their accessories:

Madonna and Jesus Luz, W Magazine:
The two met on the set of the February 2009 issue of W magazine, and have been dating ever since. We’re not exactly shocked that Madonna, 51, would date a younger man; after all, she does still look like she’s in her (late) 20’s.

Dolce and Gabbana’s D&G Anthology:
Featuring three of the modeling world’s sexiest women, Naomi Campbell, 39, Claudia Schiffer, 39, and Eva Herzigova, 36, bare all in the D&G Anthology campaign. These three women aren’t afraid to show off their barely-aged bodies in front of these sexy younger men. What do you think? Is it too controversialto be in the nude with younger dudes, or does it further prove the point that older women are still sexy?

Linda Evangelista, W Magazine:
W magazine works its cougar magic again, pairing the beautiful Linda Evangelista, 44, with an entire group of gorgeous young men (minus that one guy in the front with the receding hairline). We interpret this shoot as Evangelista being a goddess of a woman, with younger men looking up to her in admiration and awe.

Demi Moore, Wanted fragrance campaign:
Recreating her personal life, Demi Moore, 44, lets this sexy young model gently kiss her neck for Helena Rubinstein’s fragrance, Wanted. Do you think Ashton Kutcher was jealous of this shoot?

Jerry Hall and Baptiste Giabiconi, Chanel campaign:
At 52, Jerry Hall’s beauty is timeless. Paired with none other than Karl Lagerfeld’s muse, Baptiste. However, Hall is no stranger to having boy toys hang around; after all, she starred in the VH1 reality show, Kept, in search of that perfect twenty-something guy.

Christy Turlington and Oriol Elcacho, Bally campaign:
This poolside campaign is bound to make women and men alike start to sweat. Christy Turlington, at 40, is still smoking sexy as is Oriol Elcacho, 30, with a career that is on fire! This campaign certainly adheres to the idea that older women hold the buying power and younger men pine after them, no matter what their age.

Rene Russo, Brian Atwood campaign:
For Brian Atwood’s Spring ’09 campaign, he certainly took note of the cougar trend and made a stunning ad featuring Rene Russo and a sexy male counterpart. Practically clinging to Russo, we’re pretty sure he doesn’t care that she’s over 50.

Here are a few of our favorite Mrs. Robinson couples:

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon:

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubrey:

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher:

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