Here’s What Happens When Old People Look at Kim Kardashian’s Naked Butt

Leah Bourne

Kim Kardashian did her very best to “break the internet” with her shiny, naked butt, appearing in the buff on the cover of Paper magazine late last year. And while the entire world couldn’t stop talking about the photos for weeks, it seems folks eligible for AARP memberships weren’t familiar.

A video called “Elders React To Kim Kardashian” seeks to get the reactions of a few older ladies and gents, and we’re obsessed.

The men—shocker—seemed to enjoy the photos, with a man named Bill declaring: “I’ve heard rumors about those kind of butts, but I’ve never seen one.” Another guy in the video, Don, is even more excited, saying: “I’m in love, and it’s the real thing this time!” Hey Kim, if Kanye doesn’t work out, keep Don in mind.

The women, though, proved to be tougher critics. A woman named Catherine doesn’t believe that Kim is even a “celebrity” and decries that the photos are “so Photoshopped.” Asked if she wants to see more, Catherine quips: “No!” Another woman, Laura’s takeaway: “To me, it’s nothing much. It’s just a girl without clothes.” Right you are Laura, right you are.

Watch the video below!