OkCupid Users Can Now Pay Extra To Exclude ‘Unattractive’ People From Searches

Valeria Nekhim


Money may not be able to buy you love, but if you’re a member of the popular online dating site OkCupid, it can now buy you the ability to filter out unattractive people from your search results.

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That’s right, for an extra $5-$10, the site’s new filtering feature gives premium users the option to exclude body types such as “overweight,” full figured,” and “used up”. What’s more, OkCupid co-foudner Sam Yagan told ABC News that said customers will now also be able to pick the attractiveness level they’d like their date to be thanks to a “five-star star scoring system determined by OkCupid’s own algorithms.”

However, A-list members may be wasting their money. Responding to criticism the filtering system would alienate some users, Yagan suggested those who don’t like it should simply avoid stating they have a less desirable body type. Easy as that, really?

At the same time, when Mashable inquired about why only premium members could take advantage of the new feature, a spokesperson said it was because “if everyone could sort through attractiveness,” only very attractive people would get attention.”

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Interestingly enough, OkCupid’s announcement of their ‘ugly eliminator’ coincides with a newly launched dating app called Twine, that blurs out its users faces on purpose so they can decide if they like someone based solely off of their personality—not their looks. So, essentially the polar opposite of Tinder, where users decide whether to start a conversation based on a photo and little else. Talk about a case of extremes.

We’re curious what you think about OkCupid’s new filtering feature, and what it means for the online dating world. One thing’s for sure: online dating isn’t what it used to be.

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