Oh Yes He Did! Zac Efron Admits To Condom Incident

Jamie Rose

The answer to everyone’s question of whether Zac Efron did actually drop a condom on the red carpet has been answered. And no, it was not a publicity stunt.

The star of the new Dr. Seuss movie, The Lorax, admitted to his little pocket accident on The Today Show yesterday when Matt Lauer asked about it. Efron said it was indeed a condom and that now he has to do “pocket checks” before every event.

We totally agree with Lauer when he said that Efron’s “better to be safe than sorry” when it comes to sex. More power to you, Zac! Guess he’s behind his goody-two-shoesHigh School Musical days.

We’re only left wondering why he had a condom in the first place. Kinky stuff must happen after these premieres, even if it’s a children’s film. We can only imagine…

Photo Credit: Admedia, Inc.

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