Oh My Girl on ‘Dun Dun Dance’ & Their Dream Collaboration With Girls’ Generation

Oh My Girl
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If you’re a K-pop fan, you know of Oh My Girl
. The seven-member girl group—Hyojung, Mimi, YooA, Seunghee, Jiho, Binnie and Arin—had a milestone year in 2020 with two chart-topping hits: “Nonstop” and “Dolphin.” Now, they’re back with their next single, “Dun Dun Dance,” a “cheerful dance-pop” song with the group’s signature “sentimental lyrics.” 

“‘Dun Dun Dance’ features a very simple, unique, cute, and highly addictive choreography in the chorus,” Seunghee tells StyleCaster. “The song is fully packed with various charms. It’s a refreshing, fun and cheerful dance-pop song with Oh My Girl’s sentimental lyrics. We hope you like it!”

“Dun Dun Dance” is the lead single from Oh My Girl’s eighth album, Dear Oh My Girl, which was released on May 10. Though the group is known for its high-energy and cute-concept songs, the members consider “Dun Dun Dance” one of their most addictive tracks yet. 

“This song has the most energy of all past songs and lightens up people who watch us as well. Please enjoy the song while watching our performance on the stage. I hope our performance will make you dance along with us!” Mimi says. Arin adds, “I think the song is more highly addictive than other songs. It’s easy to listen to, exciting, and features the choreography composed of point moves.” 

Ahead, Oh My Girl talked to StyleCaster about their dream K-pop collaborations, the meaning of their name and how “Dun Dun Dance” represents the spirit of Oh My Girl. 

"Dear Oh My Girl"

Image: Courtesy of WM Entertainment.

On the meaning of “Oh My Girl”

Hyojung: “Our company gave us the name Oh My Girl. It expresses our wish that we want to be everyone’s ‘MY GIRL.’”

Binnie: “It could mean, ‘I found my girl group’ from the perspective of our fans. The letters are similar to ‘Oh My God’ and in the way it sounds. ‘OH’ is added to show delight and surprise.”

Oh how “Dun Dun Dance” represents the spirit of “Oh My Girl”

Mimi:” Rather than drawing a distinction between similar music and attempts for new things, we wanted to show the present Oh My Girl as much as possible. Thankfully, this album named Dear Oh My Girl tells more stories of our own like the name itself and allows us to reflect on ourselves. We are so happy and thankful for that.”

YooA: “Making music that is much loved is preferable but we wanted the identity of Oh My Girl to be firmly rooted in our music. Rather than continuing to do similar things, we will always take challenges and go on a new path and wish to carry on with what our fans like about us while doing so.”

Binnie: “Rather than thinking that we should do music similar to the last one, we wanted to do a song that would best represent us, no matter what music we were doing. We took a long time to prepare for this album, keeping in mind that we have to give our fans really good music.”

Oh My Girl

Image: Courtesy of WM Entertainment.

On their dream music genres and concepts

Seunghee: “We have passion and infinite potential. I would love to try anything in the future including lyrical ballad, acoustic, retro, and jazz.”

 Mimi: “There are a lot of genres and concepts that we haven’t done yet, but we’ve been performing mostly in a group dance. I’d love to create our performance in a more casual atmosphere someday.”

YooA: “I can’t say it’s a concept, but I’m interested in making our own songs these days. I want to communicate with our fans through a song that Oh My Girl members participate in creating.”

Oh their dream K-pop collaborations

Hyojung: “My dream collaboration is with IU. I’ve always admired the lyrics of her songs she wrote so I want to work with her someday.:

Jiho: “I want to collaborate with Seo Taiji! His music delivers the message across clearly so I really want to work with him.”

Binnie: “I’ve always been a huge fan of Girl’s Generation and had a respect for them since I was young, so my dream is to collaborate or sing a duet with Girls’ Generation.”

Oh My Girl

Image: Courtesy of WM Entertainment.

On the advice they would give to their younger selves

Hyojung: “I want to tell myself to keep going and good things will come someday. I also want to tell myself to take good care of my members.”

Seunghee: “I want to say, ‘When you debut, things often don’t go as planned. However, all the hard work will definitely pay off. So keep working hard, practice diligently and look for ways to improve.’”

Arin: “You have your charm as a rookie, so be confident with yourself and work hard! I want to tell myself that I don’t need to try too hard to act mature.”

On their favorite songs from Dear Oh My Girl

Jiho: “It’s hard to choose because I like all tracks but it’d be ‘Invitation’ for me! Personally, I really like the melody. I also like each member’s vocal timbre in this song so I recommend ‘Invitation.’”

Binnie: “I also like ‘Invitation!’ The melody is easy to listen to and I’m drawn to the part where the members exchange back and forth which I find very unique and attractive.”

Hyojung: “It’s ‘Dear you.’ I feel like the message of the lyrics is for us. I hope that you can listen to the song thinking about people who are precious to you.”

Arin: “I listen to ‘Quest’ the most. The song shows each member’s charming voice well and makes you want to keep listening to the song.”

Oh My Girl

Image: Courtesy of WM Entertainment.

On the goals they still have as artists

Hyojung: “I want to invent an ‘Oh My Girl’ genre! It is my dream to hear people describe our music as ‘Oh My Girlish.’”

Mimi: “Personally, I don’t think I’ve definitely found my own style yet, so I’d like to find my own style. I want to find music that I like and become better at. As for the group, I want our music to reach a wider audience around the world. There are many countries that we haven’t been able to visit, and I really want to show our performance to Miracle around the world!”

YooA: “It’s a little embarrassing to talk about achievement at this stage. We’ve become a group receiving lots of love but I always keep in mind that this is just the beginning! I think Oh My Girl has so much more to show in the future! We’d like to constantly work hard as an artist and establish our unique style, becoming a pioneer with our own path as Oh My Girl.”

On their message to fans after not performing in person for so long

Mimi: “It’s always sad that we can only see each other online. I hope we can meet in person as soon as possible. I hope Miracles will stay healthy until we meet. Thank you always! I love you.”

Seunghee: “We all feel the same. We miss you so much and hope that we can perform live in front of everyone while listening to your real cheering on voices.”

Jiho: “Although we can’t see each other in person, we are connected with the same mind, so we hope you don’t feel that you’re alone. We’ll always stay by your side by showing you more diverse sides and better music. Miracles, thank you always!”

Dear Oh My Girl by Oh My Girl is available on Amazon

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