Oh Man, Someone Photoshopped Kate Middleton To Look Skinnier

Kerry Pieri

Is nothing sacred people? Not even an already teeny tiny princess? The Daily Mail via Jezebel is reporting that Kate Middleton‘s corset-cinched-sized waist has been made even smaller on the cover of Grazia.

Also, her left arm is really just her right arm copied, because, you know, Will was standing there in the original photo. Grazia is denying they did anything to Kate to make her look smaller, saying via a rep, Grazia takes the issue of women’s body image very seriously. No changes whatsoever were made to the image of the Duchess with the purpose or effect of making her appear slimmer.” It’s difficult to believe this when there’s photographic evidence to the contrary.

The now Duchess actually just looks weird even smaller, almost freakish. So props to 24-inch waists, but 20-inch waists might just be going too far.

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