Oh, Lordy! Madonna’s Daughter Is A Total Badass

Jamie Rose

Being the offspring of Madonna pretty much gives you the right to do anything you please and Lourdes Leon is clearly living by this motto.

The daughter of Madonna recently revealed her newly half-shorn headto paparazzi. Maybe this questionable move could be due to the fact that she’s a fan of Skrillex and lives in one of the most artistic cities of the world. Plus, her mother is the queen of risk taking, so why not try out a new hairdo?

The hair totally makes her look badass for a fifteen year-old but what could this mean for her future? The girl did have a credit card at the age of eight, so this probably seems like nothing to her. We’re just hoping she doesn’t turn into a crazy freak show and Mommy Madge keeps an eye out for little Lola.

Could this be a little attention-grabbing act Lourdes is putting on or is she really turning into a downtown hipster already?

Photo Credit: MTV

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