Official Line Up for Coachella Announced


Today, the official line up for Coachella has been announced. Today, I burst into stardust with excitement. Paul McCartney. Beirut. Yeah Yeah Yeahs. M. Ward. The Presets. Fleet Foxes. And two bands that share the new buzz word, “Crystal” in their title since said buzz word changed from, “Deer”: The Crystal Method and Crystal Castles.

This phenomenal line up is enough to seriously change my position on outdoor music festivals. Generally I immediately dismiss music festivals because I’m more of an “indoor cat.” I don’t really do well in mud, extreme weather conditions, or really any situation where my general physical equilibrium may be disturbed. Music festivals fall under this, “Does not agree with me” category. However, the chance to see these amazing bands in one place is just too awesome of an opportunity to pass up.

Although Coachella is not until April 17th-19th and I have 76 days to save some money to not only get myself out to California but to equip myself for camping (ew). Alas, I find myself asking the questions that founded StyleCaster: What’s the weather and what do I wear? The temperature at Coachella ranges from 72 degrees during the day and 42 degrees at night.

Of course the outdoor music festival staple (regardless of whether or not it rains) are Hunter Hunter Original Rain Boots. To help further personalize the look of these classic rain boots and to keep your feetsies warm at night, I strongly recommend picking up a pair of fun knee high socks. I love this graphic black and white pattern knee-length pair by Henrik Vibskov.

Wear them with cutoff shorts, basic t-shirts and layer cardigans of varying lengths to ensure you’re able to adjust your layers according to the weather. Even if you’re as new to camping as I, you’ll always be seasonally appropriately dressed.

Who are you most excited to see at Coachella and what’s going in your suitcase? I need all the advice I can get… Help meh!