It’s Official: Your Brain Is Team Jen Aniston (Sorry Angie)

Spencer Cain

 Its Official: Your Brain Is Team Jen Aniston (Sorry Angie)

It’s no secret that I absolutely adore Jennifer Aniston. I will always aspire to be her iconic character on Friends, Rachel Green, and I will always admire the grace with which she handles her life choices. Many of my colleagues and friends get fed up with me because of my undying affection for the Aniston and how I will never admit to liking Angelina Jolie — even if she is a terrific actress and seems like a great mother. But it seems like I’m not the only one who Jen has an amazing power over.

In a recent study conducted by a brain surgeon named Itzhak Fried, patients were shown a series of photographs. When they were shown a picture of Jen, a specific neuron began to flash in each individual. I’m not exactly a brain surgery expert, so I’ll explain the situation: neurons flashing is not weird at all, but Dr. Fried was particularly intrigued that an imagine of Aniston triggered a reaction in multiple patients. Thus, he has now identified it as the “Jennifer Aniston Neuron.” Apparently, showing them a picture triggered a “cascade of neutral firings.” MIT professor Sebastian Seung states that she is an example of “hierarchical organization,” meaning that there are countless ways to perceive Aniston but all of them result with the neuron signaling the recognition of “JEN!”

Again, let me reiterate that anything science related used to give me anxiety attacks back in high school, so pop on over to NPR if you want the details of the whole study and ongoing debate about what exactly a “memory” is. But let me leave you with this: JENNIFER ANISTON IS THE MOST MEMORABLE PERSON IN ALL OF THE LAND. Other celebrities didn’t trigger such reactions. If this doesn’t prove that Team Jen has officially won, then what does?!

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