The Office Walks Down the Aisle


In case you have been going through Dunder-Mifflin withdrawal, photos were released from the upcoming season of The Office…and we wanted to give you a nice big grin this morning to go along with your latte.

Pam and Jim are finally getting married, and are so adorable you could throw up cotton candy and unicorns. Pam (Jenna Fischer) actually looks a little more put together than she usually does and Jim (John Krasinski) looks cuddly and delicious, as always (our crush developed into a full obsession after Away We Go). You can sort of notice a baby bump, confirming the not-so-subtle pregnancy implication made in the season finale of the show. (A mysterious test in the doctor’s office, followed by hugs and a teared-up Jim still warranted a debate on the Hulu comment section…people are smart.) Her empire waist dress is flattering, even to the most rounded knocked-up bride, and we’re a fan of her simple pulled-back bridal hair. Fingers crossed that Meredith is a drunk bridesmaid and Dwight comes dressed as a ninja or something.

We’re pretty psyched for the Wedding Episode, but even more so for the Baby Episode. We sort of hope it’s a girl and they name it Michaela Scott Halpert. Anyway, the new season airs Thursday, September 17.

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