An Ode To Gisele’s Killer Abs and Amazing Body

Liz Doupnik

Swollen ankles, late-night cravings and major mood swings are just a few of the fun changes we’ve always been under the impression pregnant women encounter. Then, there’s another breed of moms-to-be who seemingly don’t suffer from any of the aforementioned trials and tribulations. You guessed it: the pregnant supermodel.

With the recent confirmation (along with photos!) of Gisele’s pregnancy, we can’t help but imagine how adorable she’ll look this go around, not to mention the fact that a bun in the oven seems to be this season’s hottest accessory. This is one supermodel that has mesmerized us all with her brick-hard abs and killer legs, to say the least. While she may be saying adieu to her six-pack for the time being, we’re sure her super-human physique will be back in no time.

Here, we’ve created an ode to Gisele’s best “hot body” moments, on and off the runway. Read on to see them for yourself — and get some major motivation to hit the gym.