Name: Madeline Davy and Sarah Welsh

Age: 66 Total

Occupation: Fashion Designers

Location: Brooklyn

1. What is your go-to shopping destination?

M: Consignment Shops.

S:. Bird in Williamsburg is always the first place I go and not just cause I live across the street.

2. How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

M: Tall and lanky.

S: Swimming pool enthusiast.

3. What is the ultimate item on your wish list this season?

M: Wedge heels.

S: A kitten.

4. Who are your favorite designers?

M: Thierry Mugler, Rei Kawakubo, Issey Miyake.

S: Pierre Cardin and Norma Kamali.

5. What is your favorite tradition?

M: If you mean design wise, I’d say a tailored suit. If you mean culturally, I’d say decorating Easter eggs and then eating them deviled.

S: Men wearing suits, I’d like it to happen more.

6. If your life were made into a movie, who would you want to star as you? Why?

M: Either 70’s era Ellen Burstyn or Diane Keaton. They’ve both played fairly capable women with a bit of wry and fluster thrown in the mix.

S: I play this game with my friends and we decided it’s Kim Cattrall from her “Mannequin” days.

7. If you had a time machine, which style era would you visit first?

M: Paris in the twenties- women threw away their corsets, cut their hair, donned sequins, and danced the night away dangling cigarette holders from their lips…or so I hear.

S: The sixties, for shopping.

8. If you could be on the cover of any magazine in the world, what would it be and what would you wear?

M: V Magazine. Issey Miyake.

S: Cat Fancy in a leather jumpsuit.

9. If you could emulate the style of a fictional character, who would it be?

M: May Day in “A View to a Kill”. Where do I start? Leather dolman sleeved jumpsuits, hoods, thigh-high boots. I admire Grace Jones’s style in general. She can pull off some incredibly structural pieces AND look strong in a bandeau top.

S: Barbarella by far.

10. Tell us about the five pieces you find yourself buying, wearing, and replacing over and over again.

M: I can’t get enough of the Sunshine and Shadow tie-dye silk scarf. Paired with other staples black leggings, tight black jeans, black ankle boots, and black Calvins.

S: Black heels, blazers, short leather gloves, vintage sunglasses, and opaque tights.

11. What is one beauty product you can’t imagine living life without?

M: Olay with SPF 15.

S: Gray MAC eyeliner.

12. Tell us about your signature drink?

M: I love a good tequila gimlet, not too sweet.

S: Coors Light after a day at the beach.

13. It’s your Final Supper– who’s there and what meal do you ask for?

M: Good friends and good cheese.

S: L.A. pork tacos and Roger my cat.

14. What movie could you watch 30 times and still love unconditionally?

M: Harold and Maude.

S: Aliens.

15. What theme song best describes your life?

M: I don’t know about a theme song but Billy Ocean‘s “Nights (I Feel Like Getting Down)” is a good one to hit the streets with.

S: I hope it’s not the theme for my life exactly cause I’d rather not go to jail but I start most days by listening to The Zombies “Care of Cell 44”

16. What inspires you?

M: As far a designing goes architectural forms both synthetic and natural. Oh and these days, tie-dye.

S: Costume inspires me. It’s challenging and exciting to work those literal ideas and themes into wearable functional clothing.

17. What’s next?

M: We are starting to work on our fall collection but I don’t want to say too much a bout it.

S: We did the costumes for Nancy Whang in the new Juan Maclean video “Happy House” and we’d love to do more. We’re designing more prints and at some point I’d love to do shoes and bags too.