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October sees us transition from Libra season to Scorpio’s sultry patch, as the sun, Mercury, and Jupiter pass from the sign of happy unions to the constellation of consummation, bonds, and contractual agreements.

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We’ve enjoyed a year emphasizing love, peace, and harmony, with Jupiter’s stint in Libra adding a millennial-pink tint. The next thirteen months see Jupiter tour the scorpion’s sign—trends can turn crisp and crimson as the resilient sentiments of Scorpio flourish in our collective. The 25th hints largely at what’s to come.

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The month opens on a suitably steamy note. Venus and Mars dance together on the 5th by the light of the full moon—their only dalliance this year. It’s a month of surprises and passion, so let yourself surrender to the changes afoot…

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October Horoscopes 2017: Libra
Libra: September 23–October 22

The past twelve months have seen a huge emphasis on personal growth for Libra, and you’re now able to blossom beautifully into the role you’ve curated.

The 14th puts you back in action, but the first two weeks of October are better suited to a retreat—potentially couples' work or a great escape with an exciting plus-one.

You’ll receive plenty of admiring glances as the month unfolds, and confidence can truly soar. Embrace a fresh start on the 19th, dedicating yourself resolutely towards your goals. You’ll soon be focused on material gains derived from your efforts, so for now, close the door on the past and acknowledge progress to date.

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October Horoscopes 2017: Scorpio
Scorpio: October 23–November 21

It’s an exciting time of transition for Scorpio. On October 10th, the planet of luck, adventure and growth enters your sign for a thirteen-month stint, so you can look forward to a personal journey of great proportions in the year ahead.

First and foremost, however, it's time to clear the decks in preparation and anticipation. The month begins on a social high, with incredible connections to be made, but by mid-month you’ll be keen to fully retreat.

Towards the 19th, get clear on the shifts you want to instigate, as there’s plenty to be done in private. By month's end, your goals are firmly in sight and ready to be explored.

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October Horoscopes 2017: Sagittarius
Sagittarius: November 22–December 21

Embrace a transformational journey in October, Sagittarius, as your ruling planet, Jupiter, dives into the cathartic area of your horoscope for a thirteen-month purge on the 11th.

Welcome transitions, major shifts, reflection and closure in the year ahead—yoga, journaling and psychological investigations will help you surrender to the process.

There’s still plenty to enjoy, however, with the stars promising a social time and visibility on a public stage. Passions skyrocket on the 5th and you can gain recognition for professional or worldly achievements, too. You’ve enjoyed an exciting year for friendship, and there are fresh starts for you and your crew near the 19th.

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October Horoscopes 2017: Capricorn
Capricorn: December 22–January 19

Early October emphasizes a personal adventure. It’s an ideal time to broaden your horizons, to feel passionately about embracing something new!

The 5th turns your attention toward home, with a domestic matter coming full circle, while the emphasis of the month at large is your worldly influence and position.

Your professional path or public role has been blessed with opportunities these past twelve months—though they’ve not always arrived smoothly. It’s an ideal time to review your reputation’s growth, and to maximize your standing, Capricorn. After the 11th you’ll gravitate closer to a network of peers or social set that greatly appeals.

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October Horoscopes 2017: Aquarius
Aquarius: January 20–February 18

The past year has presented adventure, Aquarius. No doubt you’ve expanded your horizons and learned so much! Perhaps you’ve gained new modes of self-expression or an important message you’re keen to broadcast.

October spotlights your exploration and reminds you to relay your big ideas graciously. The 15th and 19th are days to keep cool.

Early in the month, private affairs are emphasized, with the 5th helping you realize deep, intimate bonds—there’s the potential for revelations within your inner circle, too.

You’ll soon to be propelled toward a position of recognition, with a stellar 13-month cycle boosting your worldly profile—so get ready to take the stand!

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October Horoscopes 2017: Pisces
Pisces: February 19–March 20

October puts a huge emphasis on relating, Pisces. Over the past twelve months, you’ve deepened your understanding of trust and loyalty, growing through intense bonding experiences.

Finances and private affairs have no doubt been a hot topic, too, this year—the month ahead can bring a material matter full circle, while spotlighting support from others.

The 11th marks a turning point, Pisces, as new adventures present themselves. You’ll broaden your horizons in the year ahead and this month hints at the possibilities. Refresh your resolve in partnerships on the 19th, and be ready to shine a light on your journey on the 25th.

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October Horoscopes 2017: Aries
Aries: March 21–April 19

The 5th sees a full moon in Aries, delivering excitement and sending attention your way, Aries. However, October is predominantly about partnership, and working together with efficiency.

This should prove easy, with your ruling planet, Mars, powering ahead in a most productive fashion. Just navigate the 19th with care: You could experience surprising setbacks or clashing opinions that spark resistance and frustration. Work toward positive outcomes for your partnerships, setting differences aside.

You’ll soon be leaning into trust and bonding more closely in key relationships, which are about to hit a super-sweet high note! Look forward to experiencing a whole new level of intimacy together.

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October Horoscopes 2017: Taurus
Taurus: April 20–May 20

Your sex appeal is sky-high entering October, Taurus, with Venus and Mars playing nice in your pleasure-zone. Self-expression comes easy, so inject passion and creative flair to all you do now. Enjoy yourself, embracing entertainment and favorite pastimes, date nights and anything that’s fun!

You’re heading into a growth cycle for partnerships, and over the next year will learn the true meaning of joining forces. But first add the final touches to important projects that have kept you busy this year.

There’s a final push and resolve for your work schedule on the 19th, so focus on successful delegation and seamless routines.

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October Horoscopes 2017: Gemini
Gemini: May 21–June 21

There’s a fine balance between work and pleasure for Gemini in October, as the stars provide plenty of fun, but are steering you towards a busy streak.

Abundant Jupiter has delivered the gift of creativity, romance, and play in the last twelve months, but on the 11th moves into sultry Scorpio and the most productive sector of your horoscope, upping the tasks before you.

Still, there’s plenty of room for love, and if you haven’t seen sparks arrive on your doorstep, hit the dating scene. Sporting events, shows, and entertainment hold extra promise, so book tickets for music, theatre or check out your local art scene—enjoy, Twinstar!

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October Horoscopes 2017:Cancer
Cancer: June 22–July 22

Intimate expression dominates the first week of October, but don’t miss your moment in the spotlight, Crab!

Look past the heated messages and seize your moment—the stars dish out recognition on the 5th. You could find you’re preoccupied with home, however, as your attention is directed toward nesting and connecting with those closest to you.

Family life may hold your focus, yet passions reach fever pitch before the month is out. On the 23rd, the sun joins Jupiter in the sexiest sign, Scorpio, kicking off all kinds of fun for you. Welcome this lucky streak, which sees your sense of creativity and self-expression soar!

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October Horoscopes 2017: Leo
Leo: July 23–August 22

Community matters most now, Leo, and until the 23rd you’ll be able to appreciate and fully experience the growth you’ve cultivated within your inner circle. Embrace social connection on the 8th.

Solo journeys are also highlighted this month, with the 5th and 19th igniting a spirited sense of adventure, yet it’s local ties that are really front of mind.

Resolve is high as the month opens, yet focus soon switches to home and where you live, with extra attention for domestic dealings on October 25th. It’s likely you’ll gain clarity around your sense of stability, with a better understanding of how best to ground yourself.

Illustration: Candace Napier
October Horoscopes 2017: Virgo
Virgo: August 23–September 22

Your personal magnetism is off the charts entering October, Virgo, and you could find people drawn to you as if by magic. Make the most of your vitality, confidence and allure by affirming your role.

It’s been an incredible year of awareness around income and finances, and progress is now spotlighted. Step back and admire your handiwork, reserving the 5th to lavish attention on others' contributions.

Your attention is steered towards your inner circle after the 17th and you’ll find yourself moving beyond material concerns. Open your heart to friends, bosom buddies, siblings, coworkers, and close peers—they’ll mean everything in your year ahead.

Illustration: Candace Napier

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