OC and Gossip Girl’s Josh Schwartz Creates Music Based Webisode Series


I think the first time I ever got drunk off of like amaretto at a party, I found myself arms to shoulders joyfully singing along to Phantom Planet’s song “California”—or more commonly known as the television’s “O.C.” theme song. (Side note: “California” is a terrible song to scream along to especially when you’re drinking because it’s like eight minutes long and Alex Greenwald holds notes for 30 seconds.)

Meanwhile, this teenage rite of passage, the music of the O.C,. has held a special place in my heart. Moreover the O.C.’s soundtrack was very much on point as they introduced bands like Seth Cohen’s favorite Death Cab for Cutie to the teenage mainstream.

Now, The O.C. and Gossip Girl’s executive producer Josh Schwartz is developing a music based webisode series, “Rockville, CA” for the Warner Brother’s network’s website. The four minute episodes center on the happenings of a music club and feature exclusive performances by bands like Phantom Planet and White Lies. Although the band will only be on the episode for about 15 seconds, there will be links for users to see the entire performance.

If the webisodes feature musicians of the same caliber and hipness as those on Gossip Girl today, the series is sure to be an interesting approach to online television.

Costume wise there has not been as much available information but if I had to fit in with the Rockville scene, it would definitely have to include some CA staples. Take a cue from the California scene regular Lindsay Lohan and her leggings collection 6126. I lurve these black Dom Legging with a Gold Zipper

Top off these leggings with an oversized white v-neck shirt and head out to be an extra on the set of Rockville… Rage..

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