The Obama Family Christmas Cards Prove Why They’ll Forever Be Our First Family

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Forever our first family. The Obama Christmas cards through the years will go down in White House history.

Though they no longer live on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the Obamas—Barack, Michelle, Malia and Sasha—will forever remain in our hearts as one of the best first families to stay in the White House. Barack Obama, a former Illinois senator, was elected as the 44th President of the United States in 2008 after he beat Republican candidate John McCain. Barack started his term in 2009 and thus started the Obamas first time in White House. Barack was re-elected as POTUS in 2012 after he defeated Republican candidate Mitt Romney. After eight glorious years, the Obamas moved out of the White House in January 2016 after Donald Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States.

In their eight years in the White House, the Obamas have shared tons of memorial photos with the American public. Among them were their annual Christmas cards. From sweet family photos to pictures of their family dog, Bo, the Obamas sure know how to make their holiday cards look festive. The Obama family’s time in the White House may be long gone, but we can still remember a time when they were our first family. See the Obama Christmas cards over the years ahead.


Obama Christmas Card 2009

Image: Courtesy of White House.

Obama Christmas Card 2009

Image: Courtesy of White House.

For their first year in the White House, the Obamas shared a simple gold and white Christmas card with the United States eagle surrounded by a wreath. Inside, Barack and Obama wished the nation a happy holiday. “May your family have a joyous holiday seaosn and a new year blessed with hope and happiness,” they wrote.


Obama Christmas Card 2010

Image: Courtesy of White House.

Obama Christmas Card 2010

Image: Courtesy of White House.

The 2010 Obama Christmas card saw a photo of the White House on a snowy day, as the lawn, bushes and trees were decorated in powdery white snowflakes. “May your holiday be filled with the simple gifts of the season and may your new year be blessed with health and happiness,” the Obamas signed.


Obama Christmas Card 2011

Image: Courtesy of Larassa Kabel/White House.

Obama Christmas Card 2011

Image: Courtesy of White House.

For 2013, the Obamas used a photo of a room in the White House bathed in Christmas decorations and the warmth of a fireplace. “From our family to yours, may your holidays shine with the light of the season,” they signed.


Obama Christmas Card 2012

Image: Courtesy of Mark Matuszak/White House.

The 2012 Christmas card saw the Obama family dog, Bo, take center stage in a gray scarf. The card saw Bo walk across the White House lawn on a snowy day.


Obama Christmas Card 2013

Image: Courtesy of White House.

The 2013 Christmas card included a popup of the White House, with the Obama family’s two black dogs, Bo and Sunny, walking on the law. “As we gather around this season, may the warmth and joy of the holidays fill your home,” the family signed.


Obama Christmas Card 2014

Image: Courtesy of Emily Buchanan/White House.

In 2014, the Obamas used an illustrated Christmas card with drawings of their dogs, Bo and Sunny, in the White House. “In this wondrous season, may the spirit of the holidays bring you strength and happiness,” the family signed.


Obama Christmas Card 2015

Image: Courtesy of White House.

For 2015, the Obamas shared a Christmas card that paid tribute to the Washington Monument and the Jefferson and Lincoln memorials. “With gratitude and cheer, we send our warmest wishes for health and happiness this holiday season,” they signed the card.


Obama Christmas Card 2016

Image: Courtesy of White House.

Their last year in the White House, the Obamas used a photo taken by White House photographer Pete Souza from a formal State Dinner with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In an Instagram post at the time, Souza explained that the picture was a last-minute shot that Trudeau asked for of just the Obama family. Then, he said I should do a photo of just the Obama’s. I could have said, ‘sir we already did one before you arrived.’ But instead, I clicked off a few quick frames. And lo and behold, it was this picture that Justin Trudeau asked me to take which everyone loved as the choice for the 2016 White House holiday card,” he wrote.


The first year out of the White House, the Obamas didn’t share one of their traditional Christmas cards. Instead, Barack tweeted a photo of him and his family with some kids dressed as elves. “On behalf of the Obama family, Merry Christmas! We wish you joy and peace this holiday season,” he wrote.


The Obama family didn’t post a formal Christmas card for 2018, but Barack did share a sweet photo of him kissing Michelle on the cheek with some holly above them. “Enjoy the holiday season with the ones you love. Michelle and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!” he captioned the picture.


For 2019, Michelle shared a photo of the Obama family Christmas card signed by the four Obama family members and their two dogs, Bo and Sunny. “We wish you a holiday season that sparkles with magic and wonder and a new year that’s filled with peace and hope,” the card read, along with a red flower and a sketch of the tree. The Obamas signed the card with “All our best.”

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