Beer Just Tastes So Much Better When It’s Made in the White House

Leah Bourne

sipausa 11232362 Beer Just Tastes So Much Better When Its Made in the White HouseForget economic concerns and questions around Obamacare, what America really wants to know from President Obama is, what is the recipe for the White House microbrewed beer? During a question and answer session on Reddit with the President last week a participant asked for the recipe, to which he replied, “It will be out soon! I can tell from first hand experience, it is tasty.” There is even a petition going around urging the White House to release the recipe. It’s already been signed by 10,000 people.
 Beer Just Tastes So Much Better When Its Made in the White House
So what’s the deal with this beer? There are three brews. The honey ale contains honey from the White House beehive. The other two types are blonde ale and a honey porter. Sam Kass, the assistant White House chef says the porter is “unbelievably good.” 
President Obama is the first President to brew beer at the White House. The beer is made mostly in small batches for special occasions including the Super Bowl. Don’t worry, your tax dollars aren’t going towards this, the first family foots the bill.
Are you dying to try this presidential brew? We know we are!