O.A.R. – Music Revolutionaries Define Success

Kerry Pieri

Of a Revolution may be a mainstay on college kid playlists, but it still lives on post-grad iPods everywhere. Better known as O.A.R., the band has built a voracious following by performing… a lot. Call it pure determination or an unwavering love of music, but the guys in the band, which formed in ’96 when they were still in high school, have sold over 1.2 million albums to date and sell out Madison Square Garden no problem.

We hung out with the bass player and lead singer of O.A.R., Benj Gershman and Marc Roberge respectively, to figure out their formula for fortune. Hint: “Don’t try to be famous.” Sounds like words to live by that we can handle.

Music buffs, fashion fiends and all-around success seekers, don’t forget to check out the rest of our Stay Extraordinary video series and stay tuned for Part 2 of O.A.R. to come!

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