This Hands-Free Mirror Helps You See Everything Going On With Your Vulva & Vagina

Elizabeth Denton
This Hands-Free Mirror Helps You See Everything Going On With Your Vulva & Vagina
Photo: Nyssa.

Folks with vaginas know the struggle of trying to see, well, it all. Maybe you’re inserting your first menstrual cup,  trying to figure out why something hurts or even just seeing to shave. It’s crazy how often we don’t look at such an important part of ourselves. That’s why Nyssa launched the VieVision Between Legs Self-Check Mirror, a hands-free option to make caring for yourself a lot easier. A makeup mirror just doesn’t cut it.

The mirror can be held between the thighs in a seated or standing position. VieVision uses LED light for a clear and unrestricted view for routine well-being checks, something that’s important to your health. It’s approved by OB-GYNs and a pelvic floor physical therapist and comes with an OB-GYN-recommended checklist with an anatomical illustration of the vulva and vagina by artist Mari Andrew. It’s so innovative, it will even be sold at the MoMA Design Store.

Listen, we all have so-called “icky” things that happen we may not want to talk about. But if you feel something funny or are having any discomfort, it’s really helpful to check it out on your own before calling the doc. I’m personally prone to cysts so I’d like to see what’s going on down there before pulling up WebMd.

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VieVision mirror


This innovative mirror isn’t the only thing Nyssa came up with to make it easier on those with a vagina. The VieCare Uterine Ice/Heat Pack ($12 at Nyssa) was designed to be placed over your uterus and ovaries, or even lower back or perineal area. You know how you want to shove an ice pack down your pants when you have a UTI? Now you can safely. There are also FourthCare Breast & Chest Ice/Heat Packs ($15 at Nyssa) for the pain of breastfeeding, as well as underthings such as FourthWear Postpartum Recovery Underwear ($38 at Nyssa).

Because having a vagina doesn’t mean you have to suffer.

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