NYFW SS 2012: Jeremy Scott Takes Us For A Wild Ride

Jessica Rubin
NYFW SS 2012: Jeremy Scott Takes Us For A Wild Ride
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Yesterday, Jeremy Scott infused some humor into the stressful and busy New York Fashion Week. Fashion editors squeezed into the front row of the space in Milk Studios as an excited buzz vibrated throughout the room. When the lights went out and a motorcycle began to rev its engine, we knew magic was about to happen.

Cue the first look. With a hairstyle that reminded me of the darling Pebbles from The Flintstones and a sheer metallic top, Scott made it clear from the very beginning that his show was about letting lose, having some fun, and remembering not to take fashion too seriously. A plethora of denim came down the runway along with a refreshing amount of gorgeous male models, a couple pairs of assless chaps, and pants with gun holsters attached. Andrej Pejic, the elusive male model famous for his androgyny and delicate, beautiful features, appeared on the runway, inspiring a delighted murmur from the large group of fashionistas.

The crowd was hooting, clapping, and laughing, a far cry from the more tight-lipped audiences at other shows. After the final walk Scott took a full turn on the runway, soaking in the love and admiration for his unrestrained creativity.

Click through the slideshow for pictures from yesterday’s event. What do you think of Jeremy Scott’s approach to his Fashion Week presentation?