NYC Men More Desperate For A Valentine’s Date Than Women

Jessica Rubin

Praise those moments when annoying assumptions are dispelled. We’ve all learned to loathe that image of the sad single girl alone on Valentine’s Day, picking at a box of chocolates a la Elle Woods. I mean, some of us channel our hatred of the holiday in productive ways, like wearing all black and downing a bottle of Pinot with good friends.

This year Google is helping us gals fight the good fight with the release of the most popular phrases searched in NYC. And guess what! “Places to meet women” was 55% more popular than “places to meet men” according to The Gothamist.

Now, we’re aware that this doesn’t necessarily prove that there are more single men or that men are more lonely than women, but it at least means that guys a. think the Internet can solve all of their problems and b. really want to find dates for the day of love.

Not that they’re alone. “Single Valentine’s Day” is up in popularity by 1500% in the last 30 days alone. Bring on the tequila, kids. Looks like there’s going to be lots of lonely hearts come February 14th.

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