NY Marathon 2010 Inspires Fashionable Yet Practical Running Gear


While some women are built to compete in marathons, most of us think logging 26 miles is totally crazy. I mean, wasn’t the last time you ran even 5 miles during high school soccer practice?

In honor of the NY Marathon (taking place on Sunday, November 1), below are several fashionable yet functional running gear components.



What brand of sneakers is best to buy for running? This is the age-old question. There isn’t necessarily one brand that’s better than the other, as they all serve different purposes. When it comes to comfort, Asics is a classic selection. Not only do they have gel cushioning, but they are also extremely flexible, supportive and are designed to adjust to any surface. For those who are more style conscious, Nike has an amazing feature on their website that allows you to personalize your sneakers. You can choose from an array of colors to create a unique pair of sneakers, as well as create an ID to be displayed anywhere on the sneaker. If you want good all-around trainers, Adidas is the way to go. They are mostly mesh, to allow your foot to breathe and are lightweight, which helps if you are prone to shin splints.




Deciding what to wear when running can be difficult. When the weather is cold, it is important to layer, as you will start out cold but break into a sweat and want to shed some clothing. Under Armour is a brand that is meant for being worn as the preliminary layer, to provide warmth while wicking moisture. Their spandex bottoms and turtleneck tops create the ultimate winter running outfit. Patagonia vests are also helpful when running outside in the cold. They keep your core toasty and will enable you to have a wide range of motion without overheating.

For warmer weather, try Puma mesh tank tops for a maximum cooling effect. Remember, less is more to prevent overheating. Asics dri-fit T-shirts are another option. Nike’s track shorts are minimal and even have a pocket to stash your keys on the inside by the waistband…what a clever invention!



There are so many running accessories available that it can definitely get overwhelming. Who needs so much stuff?

Let’s start with the essentials: An iPod. Music can certainly help make time fly by distracting you from what you are actually doing. If you aren’t one for listening to music while running, you can opt to download a story. There is also the possibility of downloading the Nike program that acts like a personal trainer via your iPod. You can personalize a workout, track your progress and install a sensor in your sneakers that acts as a step tracker. As we all know how hard it is to run while holding a music device, go to Apple and purchase the convenient Ipod armband.

For those of you who are a little more intense about your health, it may be worth it to invest in a heart monitor. This will allow you to control your breathing, how many calories you burned, and your workout time. Although they can get a little costly (averaging around $70), they are accurate and informative.

There is nothing more annoying than having sweat dripping down your face while going for a run. This is where hats come into play. There are mesh baseball hats that won’t suffocate your head but will still keep you warm, and fleece hats to keep your head extra snug. If you are only concerned about making sure your extremities don’t become numb, try a pair of Pearl Izumi gloves and a fleece headband (they are designed specifically for athletes)