I Tried Nutribullet’s First-Ever Coffee Maker And It’s Ridiculously Good

I Tried Nutribullet’s First-Ever Coffee Maker And It’s Ridiculously Good
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Truth time: I’ve never made a pot of coffee. Like, ever. As an adult woman, that might as well make me a social pariah. Not only do I *love* coffee, I’ve always dreamt about adding a cute Pinterest-worthy coffee bar to my tiny studio apartment—but up until now, my only options for making this dream a reality included expensive bottled cold brews, icky instant granules or shelling out all my money on a coffee maker that took up way too much space to justify. I needed something small but mighty! Enter the BrewChoice Pod + Carafe, Nutribullet’s new solution to small spaces that need big options when it comes to morning coffee. 

You might say to yourself (as I have done on more than one occasion) why would I bother making just one cup of coffee? It’s a lot of work for just one drink and up until recently, I used this to justify trekking out in the early hours to stand in long lines at Dunkin’, not to mention occasionally paying over $7 bucks—you heard that right!—for a single cup at my fancy local café.

And some days, I admit that I found myself running out for coffee… more than once. Clearly, there were days when I could justify brewing an entire pot at home! That’s why the BrewChoice Pod + Carafe is such a good fit for me: This marvelous multitasking machine comes equipped with both pod and drip coffee capabilities, so you can choose.

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STYLECASTER | Nutribullet Brew Choice Review

Courtesy of Nutribullet.

If you’re a little confused about seeing the brand name Nutribullet on a coffeemaker, you’re not going crazy. The company is making moves to expand beyond blenders and juicers, and the BrewChoice is their first venture into the coffee space. And a damn good one at that!

When I first unboxed my machine, I was surprised at the super simple setup. Much like playing with adult Leggos, the whole thing involved just a few block-like pieces that fit together like a puzzle. I filled the water tank, plugged it in and watched the caffeinated possibilities come to life in a matter of minutes.

For my first cup, I opted for a single-serving pod to ease me into the experience. Once you add the pod and close the lid, the machine knows to prompt you for pod options—almost like magic. Select the size you want from a list of six ounces and up, press brew and you’re set! Pro tip: I love brewing over a cup filled with ice for quick and easy iced coffee, no barista required.

Oh, and bonus points for sustainability! This thing also comes with it’s own refillable coffee pod, which you can use again and again with your favorite ground coffee instead of buying pre-made pods and creating tons of waste. My favorite blend is a local buy from Brooklyn Lab Coffee, paired with some Torani vanilla syrup and my go-to RISE Brewing Co. oat milk.

STYLECASTER | Nutribullet Brew Choice Review

Courtesy of Elisabeth Boniface.

Making a single cup of coffee was easy, but next was my Everest. The moment I had avoided my whole life. Brewing an entire pot like a real, true adult.

I was working late on a project and required *gasp* more than one cup! Ever the determined, independent woman I am, I approached my machine without fear. To my surprise and delight, I easily swapped the cute little pod for it’s more substantial-looking coffee filter and confidently added three measured scoops of my favorite local coffee to the chamber.

Imagine my excitement when all I had to do next was push a button and watch the carafe fill below with coffee! It wasn’t nearly as hard as I expected, and while I can’t say for sure that you can trust me with a regular coffee pot, I can now confidently say my at-home coffee bar dreams are a reality. And I have the BrewChoice Pod + Carafe to thank!

With that checked off my coffee bucket list, all that’s left is to find some cute coffee spoons and enjoy.

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