Electric Room Owner Nur Khan Talks Glow Sticks, Celeb Stalking, and His Other Nightlife No-Nos

Spencer Cain
Photo via The Coveteur

Photo via The Coveteur

This year’s Stylecaster’s State of Style Summit brought out a slew of high-profile influencers, but one of our favorite speakers was legendary nightlife guru Nur Khan. The former owner of downtown hotspots like Don Hill’s and Kenmare, is now enjoying success as the owner of The Electric Room, the basement club at the Dream Downtown in the Meatpacking District in New York City that has catered to the likes of Miley Cyrus and Scarlett Johansson.
Khan weighed in on the constantly developing nightlife industry, and what he doesn’t allow in his clubs. Take note of Khan’s no-nos if you ever want to have a shot of getting into The Electric Room.
1. Glow Sticks. “Glow sticks are not allowed at my clubs,” Khan stated. While he’s aware that wherever you’re going does tend to define your style, he thinks you should reserve the gimmicky props for clubs catering to house music.
2. Buying Your Way In. A Nur Khan club isn’t just a place where any hotshot guy can throw down an Amex Black Card and look like “the man” to a pack of women in bandage dresses. “My clubs are a little more rock and roll,” he explained. “They are smaller and more intimate venues. It’s not a massive room with bottle service where people can buy their way in. Style is more important in my venues.”
3. Music Requests. One of the benefits of having a small venue is musical freedom. “I play whatever the f*ck I want to play,” Khan says. No requests here, folks!
4. Snapping Celebs Photos. Privacy is the number one priority of Khan. “We don’t allow photographers in my club, and we don’t divulge our celebrity guests, especially to the media,” he reassures. Guess that’s why we haven’t seen many of his high profile guests’ debauchery captured!
5. Being Too Cool For School. “If you’re not wearing a costume, you’re not coming to my Halloween party,” he said. Don’t be a bad sport — if you want to party with this crowd, get ready to step up your style game and have a little fun!