By the Numbers: Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular

Millie Stapleton

88824620 By the Numbers: Macys 4th of July Fireworks SpectacularYou’ll never be short on things to do on Independence Day in New York City with everything from hot dog competitions to fairs to Central Park picnics, but no activity is as iconic as watching the Macy’s fireworks display that takes place along the Hudson River. From how much the fireworks cost to put on to how long it takes Macy’s to prepare, here, a look at one of the most famous fireworks displays in the world by the numbers.

37 Years: This will be the 37th year that the famous fireworks display has taken place.

40,000: The number of fireworks that will be lighting up the sky over New York City’s Hudson River.

 200 Million: The number of albums sold by Mariah Carey who is set to headline the 37th annual Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular.

 8: Eight-time Grammy award winner Usher is collaborating with Macy’s creative and pyrotechnic team as a “curator” of the fireworks display. It will be the first time that a musical artist has had input into the creative aspect of the show.

16 Streets: The number of streets that the fireworks run along—positioned roughly between 24th street to 40th street in Manhattan.

1,000 Feet: How high the fireworks are shot into the air.

60 People: The number of licensed pyrotechnicians who work on the show each year.

1,800: The number of shells launched per minute, which is three times the average of a local community fireworks show.

 $6 Million: The estimated cost that Macy’s coughs up for the fireworks alone! That, of course, doesn’t include the added costs for big acts such as Mariah Carey, Tim McGraw, and Usher.

 3 Million: The number of spectators that are expected to watch the fireworks show.

 8 Million: The number of people who tune in to watch it on the TV.

26 Minutes: The amount of time the firework display is expected to last.

12 Months: The planning of an event this large takes almost a year. The designer of the show, Gary Souza, who has been working on this fireworks display for the last 30 years, travels around the world in search of new and exciting effects to include. Needless to say, its a lengthy process.
13 Nations: The fireworks used are imported from around 13 different countries and some are even made specifically for the event.
12 Days: It takes 12 days to prepare the 40,000 explosions that will be featured in the show.
$50,000: The cost of the clean up for Times Square on New Years Eve was over $100,000, and many have speculated it costs about half of that to clean up after the Macy’s show.
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