Now It’s A Party: WHAT’S NEXT On StyleCaster Is On Pinterest

Susie G

Break out the balloons because WHAT’S NEXT on StyleCaster finally has a home on the popular photo-sharing site Pinterest!

Just like our equally super fantasticTumblr page, we’ll be sharing our favorite images, products and other sources of inspiration we happen to dig up. There is even a pretty fun “Instagram’d” board featuring images from What’s Next Editor Susie G’s (that’s me!) own Instagram account (which is @CLICKCLASH, just in case you were wondering).

Our WHAT’S NEXT Pinterest went live just this past week, so keep an eye out for a few upcoming changes and additions over the next few days.

To all you fellow Pinterest-ers out there in the Super Information Web Net, start following us today and who knows, we might just follow you back (feel free to leave a link to your Pinterest page in the comments down below, too)!

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