Not One Altuzarra for Target Item Has Sold Out Yet

altuzarra target lookbook complete

Remember, back in 2011, when people were so fanatical about owning a piece of Missoni’s collection for Target that it crashed the retailer’s website? Well, it would seem Target hasn’t exactly hasn’t had that problem with its latest collaboration with Joseph Altuzarra: It went on sale Sunday morning and everything is still in stock, in every size.

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While perfectly nice, the range is decidedly less gotta-have-it than other high-low collaborations have been, and is devoid of a crucial ingredient: The buzzy standout piece (Phillip Lim for Target’s fun marigold and blue leopard prints and Pashli replicas, Isabel Marant for H&M’s cropped beaded jacket, for example.)

On the flip side, it could be argued that Altuzarra’s pieces are less disposable and less “It’s from Target” than the ones mentioned above: velvet blazers, leopard pencil skirts, basic work shirts—all in line with Altuzarra’s aesthetic, which is geared toward sophisticated, sexy women rather than “fashion girls,” which could be why people aren’t as eager to snap them up at lightening speed.

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We should point out that part of the collection also debuted on Net-a-Porter, and most of it has indeed sold out there, which could be due to a number of factors including smaller inventory, more appealing imagery, and—let’s be real—the fact that there’s something attractive buying cheap clothes on a high-end site, rather than at Target. Not to mention the fact that Net-a-Porter’s clientele is likely very aware of Altuzarra, which probably isn’t the case with all Target shoppers.

Whatever the reason, there’s plenty of inventory left on in every size, so if there’s stuff you want, head over there now and start shopping.


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