Noteworthy Newbies: Timo Weiland

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Noteworthy Newbies: Timo Weiland
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To walk into Timo Weiland’s studio is to walk into a whirlwind of fabrics, nervous energy and interns. What once was observed as an organized creative hub for these new class members of the CFDA Incubator Program is now the home to a space containing creative chaos: half-hung inspirations flutter on the mood board, a designer tries on a work-in-progress, assistants are sent feverishly to make factory runs and surprisingly maintain the calm for what is seemingly the impending storm.

With their Spring 2013 fashion show just a handful of days away, the design duo composed of Alan Eckstein and Timo Weiland still have their work cut out for them – literally. Becoming a hot ticket to score during New York Fashion Week and commonly coined as a ‘one to watch’ they will be showing their collection for some of the biggest names in the fashion industry peppered with celebrities, friends and family.

While surprisingly somewhat protective of their women’s direction, the pair reveals that their collection was predominately inspired by Keith Haring. “We DJ-ed the Keith Haring opening party and walked around a bunch, bought a book and just thought … prints!” Timo goes on to explain the influence of the 1980s graffiti artist, “You can apply it in every different way from the fabrics to the brocades to the prints, it’s all there – it’s our interpretation of his life, really.” Alan let us into the soundtrack of the process, “We listened to a lot of hip hop, a lot of from the old times.”

With popular references like these, we can only imagine what the final product will reveal. Read on to see glimpses of the upcoming collection, their visionary workspace and hear more about their collection.

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Alan Eckstein and Timo Weiland, the design duo behind Timo Weiland, walked us through their new studio and chatted about their upcoming show, menswear vs. womenswear and 90's hip-hop.

"We were listening a lot to hip-hop from the old times like Masta Ace, Gang Starr and R&B like Blood Orange and Frank Ocean, Miss Dynamite and Spank Rock -- who we're collaborating with for the show," Alan reflects on music the team listened to while developing the collection.

The pair approaches every project collectively and organically. Receiving inspiration from a variety of sources and references, Timo explains "it's really organic, it's images, it's music, it's a person from the past, sometimes the present but usually the past." Alan finishes Timo's thought, revealing just how in sync they are, "We live in NYC, which is a cultural experience, we take the inspiration from the streets."

Alan reveals his opinion on fall trends and what he'd like to see more girls wear "I'd like to see girls in more comfortable shoes. I might be crazy, but I think it's sexy when a girl looks comfortable," Timo pipes in, "When a girl can really walk in heels though, it's super sexy."

Timo shares the team's pre-show rituals "We stay up really late and overwork ourselves. The night before we usually have a late beer and Alan sleeps over because he lives in Brooklyn."

The boys have their opinions on fall trends too, "I love seeing girls who wouldn't typically wear leather, in leather this fall. Maybe with some fur trims, more of a sporty element," Timo discloses, "You know, it's really new for us to start working with leather and now we'll have it in every season."

"I prefer men's," Alan reports, "Timo is more into women's but we work on everything together."

After the show? It's all about quality time with friends and family and lots of relaxation "We'll go upstate or just go to dinner." Timo says, "We tend to just get drunk and then sleep a lot."

Belonging to the second class of the CFDA Incubator Program, the duo is settling into their new studio space and enjoying the benefits of being apart of the initiative "We can actually do stuff in the space here." Alan muses, "This has been awesome -- it's nicer resources, we have the work space, the conference room, it's safer" Timo shares.

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