Note To All Celebs: Cannes Is Not Spring Break, 17 Major Film Festival Faux Pas

Liz Doupnik

As celebs from around the globe congregate in Cannes today for the annual Cannes Film Festival, we have to ponder if this is as close to spring break as these Hollywood heavyweights can get. If their behavior and outfits are any sort of indication, we’d have to say… yes. Upon reflecting on some of these encounters and debunks while scrolling through photos of Cannes past, we noticed some pretty bad red carpet behavior and some total fashion faux pas.

With champagne essentially dripping from the walls and boat parties like whoa, there’s a serious recipe for debauchery – and we love it. When else do we get to watch this many celebs letting their hair (and sometimes more than that) down all in one place. This sh*t is gold. Look guys, we know it feels like a vaycay, but we still expect some major glamour (it is Cannes after all!)

With that in mind, we couldn’t resist compiling some of our favorite best/worst moments (depending on how you slice it). Fasten your seat belt, there’s plenty of shock-worthy and what-were-they-thinking moments.

Click through the slideshow to check out some sigh-worthy periods on and off the red carpet that left us shaking our heads…. A lot.

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