Not So Ugly Betty


It only makes sense that America Ferrara should get her very own cover of Gotham Magazine. After all, her “Ugly Betty” alter ego has put in endless hours at Meade Publishing. Though, it still amazes me that America Ferrara can be linked to anything with the word “ugly” in it, since the young starlet gets more beautiful and sophisticated every day. Ferrara celebrated her turn as cover girl with friends and co-stars like Becki Newton (in a stunning 3.1 Phillip Lim dress). Ferrara was a far cry from Betty, skipping the ponchos, bright colored skirts and braces in favor of a plunging blue Malandrino dress that looks straight out of the MODE magazine fashion closet. Isn’t it about time they give this girl a makeover and change the name of the show to “Incredibly Pretty Betty”?