North West’s Closet Is Bigger than Some People’s Apartments

Beth Stebner

My first apartment in New York was about the size of a Jimmy Choo shoe box, and I could fit only 10 or so personal items in there at once or risk feeling claustrophobic. Luckily, North West does not suffer from the same problem I once did. Her mom, Kim Kardashian, has taken many pains to make sure that little Nori has everything a 2-year-old could want (and probably, a lot of stuff she doesn’t), and took to Instagram last night to show off how kick-ass her daughter’s closet is.

The 2-year-old aspiring Disney Princess is pictured wearing a Cinderella dress and Minnie Mouse ears (way to go, North! Mixing your styles already!) and playing with some of her favorite dolls. But perhaps what is more depressing/awe-inspiring is the amount of space she has in there to a) store her impressive wardrobe and b) play with her hundreds of toys.

No doubt she found her closet the coziest spot to play with her dolls, and not one of the other 34 rooms in the Kardashian-West mansion. And we think it’s safe to say that this closet, a closet to put all other closets to shame, is actually fit for a princess.