North West Casually Wears Balmain to Ballet Class, NBD

north west ballet classPhoto: Wenn 

We’re sure it’s not all sunshine and roses being the firstborn child of the world’s most famous couple, but there sure seems to be at least one major perk for two-year-old North Westthe clothes.

Most toddlers run around in different variations of stain-proof cotton basics, but most toddlers aren’t North. This little reality-TV heiress prefers to strategically layer a structured Balmain blazer (an adult version retails for over $2,000) over her eggshell-colored tutu, and she finishes the look with a ballerina updo and diamond stud earrings. Because of course she does.

We’re pretty sure North is the cutest mini ballerina around—she’s definitely the best dressed—and her mom, Kim Kardashian, clearly agrees. “My little Balmain Ballerina,” she captioned an Instagram picture of North dressed in the designer get-up.


This outfit serves as further proof that although she might still be a child, Nori already has a better wardrobe than you—and us, too, for that matter.

It was just two months ago that she was gifted three custom Balmain jackets (yes, three), and we already know North owns a fierce (faux?) fur jacket and a pair of Charlotte Olympia velvet loafers with cat faces that retail for around $600 in adult sizes. Then there was that time during fashion week when she matched her mom in a sheer black outfit for the Givenchy show—and sat front row, natch.

We’re already convinced this kid’s accruing one of the best wardrobes in Hollywood.

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