Norma Kamali, Web Savvy


Norma Kamali knows how to create the perfect swimsuit. Even better, Norma Kamali knows that we can be a little a lot picky when we are searching for the perfect swimsuit. This is why the designer offers a 48 hour “Try Before You Buy” period. allows you to order a couple of different options, gives you 48 hours to decide, then if you don’t return the items on time, they will charge you for the merchandise.

This kind of clever online thinking has done Kamali well, but she is now ready to expand into the world of social networking. Kamali will be taking advantage of Skype, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and, soon, Hulu to promote her brand.

She sites one particularly clever fan as her inspiration.

Recently, a Washington, D.C., customer wrote her that she tried the method to buy a swimsuit, and in the 48-hour time span, showed it to her two best friends, in Vermont and in Mexico, via Skype.

Kamali took that same idea and “Now we say if you don’t know what size you are, we can Skype and help you,” she said. “This is how the door opened.”

If only Net-A-Porter offered similar services…


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