Norma Kamali On The Real Importance of Being a Role Model for Women


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Norma Kamali may have nearly 40 years of success as a fashion designer under her belt, but her real passion is in empowering other women to seek out their dreams and become independent. “If I have any experience that can help you, I am there,” she told us.
Nowhere is this sensibility more evident than in her designs, which are a confident mix of style and function—from svelte suiting in bold geometric patterns to curve-hugging cocktail dresses in black or red. “I think very seriously about how clothing effects women,” she says.  “We don’t always have days where we feel invincible, but when we feel really good, there is nothing you can’t accomplish in that day.”
This mentality extends into a sense of healthy living: Kamali has extended her brand into Wellness Cafe products that help you build a strong immune system, for example. “I will do what I have to do to make sure every woman today can have all the ammunition to be wonderful,” she insists.
Watch the video above to get a peek of what it is like inside the mind of this inspiring pioneer.

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