Designer Norma Kamali on the Power of Dreaming Big


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Designer Norma Kamali is a big dreamer, and she thinks you should be one, too.

“I think every woman today has to say, ‘What’s the biggest dream I can possibly think of,’ write it down, and just go for it,” she says. In our latest Rule Breakers video, Kamali outlines how she got her start, and her enthusiasm and belief in the power of women to achieve big things is truly infectious. To be fair, she has the track record to prove that if you open up your mind to something, you can achieve it.

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Best known for her functional-meets-stylish approach to design—from her iconic cocoon coats to her slinky workwear—Kamali’s innovative approach to business has broken conventions all along the way, which she insists wasn’t necessarily intentional. “Stupidity has a lot of merit when you really don’t know anything and you take on big, enormous challenges,” she laughs.

Having gone from having a simple idea to becoming an international brand synonymous with confidence and comfort, Kamali knows a thing or two about creating a powerful brand. “The universe is so impactful with new inventive ways of doing everything that if you just give in to it your life is going to be so much more creative,” she insists.

Watch the video above to hear how our fifth rule breaker is looking to empower a new generation of dreamers, builders, and designers.

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Producer: Robert Vasquez
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