KamaliKulture: 6 Things We Learned From The Less-Than-$100 Line By Norma Kamali

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KamaliKulture: 6 Things We Learned From The Less-Than-$100 Line By Norma Kamali
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You know that there are tons of fashion designers that have decided to branch out their brand into less costly lines (we even bet you could name a few off the top of your head right now). But how many of those side-labels sell good-looking (read: wearable) items that you can actually afford without having to give yourself a two-hour pep talk in to why you must have that ostrich leather tote bag in the window?

Thankfully, someone has heard our cries, and that someone was Norma Kamali. The New York based designer launched her new line called KamaliKulture just this past winter, and everything under the new name comes with a price tag of less than $100–amazeballs, or what?!

KamaliKulture features tons of smart, practical pieces that every gal should have in her closet in color options that everyone will adore. With that in mind, if you’re looking for super far-out-there styles that are in sync with lightening-speed trends that will die sooner before you can even tweet about them, then you’re barking up the wrong tree.

With this new less-than-$100 line that includes tops, bottoms, jackets, swimsuits, sunglasses and a whole lot more in the near future, KamaliKulture is all about investing in pieces that are going to be timeless and never go out of style without having to put your bank account in jeopardy. Now, who doesn’t love the sound of that?

To learn more about the brains behind this collection of basics, we headed over to Norma’s flagship right here in New York City to chat with the designer herself to see how this label came to be. Not only did we getting a better understanding of her new design range, but a better appreciation for tailored garb in general and how important it is for every lady of all ages to own a suit.

Click through the gallery above to see what other words of style wisdom Norma imparted on us as well!

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Learning how to dress for the occasion is a true "art form".

"We are more often objectified and less often empowered and a lot of
times we can create the objectification...There’s a time and a place
for everything and understanding the power of how to use clothes is
really an art form and women don’t use it enough." –Norma Kamali

Photo: Norma Kamali/

Invest in a few timeless pieces made of great quality fabric for your wardrobe.

The time and money you'll save in the long run will be totally worth it! We're especially loving the Long Sleeve Crewneck Tee ($55) and the Classic Pant ($50) from the collection.

Photo: Norma Kamali/
Wearing expensive clothes can make us feel anxious.

Thankfully, all KamaliKulture items are practical, high-quality pieces that will last for a while and keep up with all of your daily adventures, like the All In One Dress ($96).

Photo: Norma Kamali/

Everyone should own at least one suit, especially if you're going to be a college grad.

If you want to get into the working world post-University, you got to make a good first impression with your would-be employers. Why not try rocking the Single Breasted Blazer ($78) and the classic Pencil Skirt ($44) at your interview?

Photo: Norma Kamali/

Online shopping rules–hard.

The line is available exclusively online,
via their official website, Zappos and Amazon, all providing great customer service. You can buy pieces like this $98 Bill swimsuit right from the comfort of your couch!

Photo: Norma Kamali/Zappos/Amazon/

Buying clothes that you can actually afford is "empowering".

"You feel smart, especially if you
bought something you like, you look good in it, it’s serving a purpose
for you... And you’re not guilty that you spent more than you can
afford, especially if you’re just finishing college." –Norma Kamali

Sleeveless Shirred Waist Dress, $74, at KamaliKulture

Photo: Norma Kamali/

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