Nomia Helps Me Expose Some Skin – Oh! And I Cut My Hair.


As attached as I was to my down-to-there hair, I could not stop admiring this new awkward length that I’ve been seeing everywhere. So, I crafted this elaborate plan to invite Mark with me to Platinum Salon and have him document every snip that my trusted stylist, Elle was about to make. I wanted to do it on a Wednesday so that I could have something to look forward to in the middle of the week. Yes, my brain works this way. (I am, after all, the girl that brought Taco Tuesday to the fashion world, remember? Ok, let’s just try to forget that again.) As usual, my plans never quite turn out as expected and after one quick ring, Elle was waiting for my arrival at his shiney, new salon.

If you are a part of my Twittourage, you probably read last Saturday that right after a shopping spree at Burton and before my reservations at Sushi Seki, I was suddenly inspired. I mean…it was actually more annoying than devine. My hair got caught in some tricky velcro action while trying on a snow boarding jacket and I decided then and there that I simply could not wait any longer and just like that, I had 10 inches of hair to donate for Locks of Love. 

Since then, I’ve been on the hunt for dresses that show off my new cut. The first dress I slipped into for dinner was this strapless Loeffler Randall number. Next on my radar is everything from my new favorite designer, Nomia. I’m obsessed with cut out details, exposed shoulders and lots and lots of skin for Spring. Tasteful skin, that is. I promise not to get too slutty on you. Errr that is, until the temperature hits the hundreds.


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