Noah Centineo Looks Exactly Like Young Mark Ruffalo & We Can’t Look Away

Noah Centineo
Photo: Mediapunch/REX/Shutterstock.

When this Avengers: Endgame actor made an appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, the host threw a curveball at him. Fallon showed Mark Ruffalo some look-alike photos of Noah Centineo, informing him that a lot of people thought he bared a strong resemblance to the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before heartthrob. Ruffalo was not buying it at first. Fallon whipped out a photo of Centineo, looking dark and dashingly handsome, as usual. Ruffalo quickly replied, “Wow, I wish I was that good looking.”

“You are that good looking!” Fallon reassured him in the charming way only Fallon can. “People even say that you sound alike.”

“Come on,” Ruffalo replied.

The Spotlight actor is either super humble or just totally unaware of his natural good looks. But how could you not see the resemblance? Both men have dark hair, chiseled jaw lines, tanned skin and great eyebrows. Centineo’s are thicker, but there’s absolutely a resemblance between young Ruffalo and Centineo. Hey—now Centineo knows he’s going to age really well. (But was that ever really a concern?)


Ruffalo then teased that perhaps Centineo could be his father in a film or TV (yeah—maybe in a Freaky Friday remake). “He might be able to play my dad one day,” Ruffalo joked. And guess what? Centineo totally picked up on the joke and ran with it! He shared a photo of Ruffalo from his interview with Fallon and tweeted, “Son?” Epic. They’re already one small happy family of two!

Rufflo also took to Twitter to have a little fun with the whole situation. He tweeted, “#TBT” for a good-ole doppelgänger throwback.

We can see it!

mark ruffalo headshot Noah Centineo Looks Exactly Like Young Mark Ruffalo & We Cant Look Away

Of course fans are loving it and going crazy on Twitter.

Shoutout to Jimmy Fallon for bringing this connection to life in the most adorable way. He always has so much fun with his guests, and Ruffalo was no exception. Well done, boys.

Now let’s see a movie with Noah and Mark STAT!