Noah Centineo Tried to Hide This Story About Him Ghosting Busy Philipps’s Friend

Noah Centineo
Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images For THR.

There’s no doubt Noah Centineo is the internet’s boyfriend. But it might not be for long. According to TMZ, the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before star tried to hide a story about him ghosting one of Busy Philipps friends, fearing that it would ruin his “boy-next-door image.” Confused? Let us break it down.

Both Centineo and Philipps appeared on James Corden’s The Late Late Show on Wednesday, and somewhere in the interview, Philipps called out the Netflix star for ghosting one of her friends. “Actually, he was kind of chatting with a friend of mine and then he ghosted her,” Philipps said.

Philipps then asked Centineo if he knew about the story, to which the actor responded, “No. I don’t know who the friend is.” Philipps then explained that the woman was one “one of my writers on my show,” to which Centineo let out a huge “Ahhhhhh!” after realizing who it was. That was when Corden joked that he invited the ghosted woman to the show, which is when Centineo played along with the bit and got to his feet to welcome the woman.

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Was the moment awkward? Yes. Was it enough to ruin Centineo’s image? His team sure thought so. After the show, TMZ reported that the interview ran longer than what made it on TV. (There’s an obvious cut 53 seconds in the video above.) So what happened to the un-aired parts? Well, according to TMZ’s sources, Centineo’s team asked the producers at The Late Late Show to edit down the interview heavily, so he wouldn’t look like a bad guy. “Our sources say Noah’s team feared the story would ruin his boy-next-door image,” TMZ reported.

Likewise, the interview isn’t on The Late Late Show‘s YouTube channel, as note-worthy segments usually are, leading fans to believe that Centineo’s team wanted the interview to be seen by as few people as possible.

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Now, there’s no confirmation that TMZ’s report is true, but if it is, that’s a lot of effort to prevent Centineo from looking like a ghoster.