A ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy’ Attitude @ Work Will Get You Paid

Jessica Hoppe

Nice guys DO finish last. At least, at work that is, according to the Daily Mail.

A study measuring the relationship between personality and wages concluded that those who were more “agreeable” were paid significantly less. Not to mention the gender factor propelling the uber-assertive (er douchey) men to a 6,100 pounds (approximately $10,000 US dollars) advantage versus “agreeable” men. While women only saw an approximate $2,000 advantage. (Not worth it ladies. Or guys for that matter.)

But let’s break down the variables here. “Agreeable” was measured by a tendency to bewarm, kind and co-operative with others. While “nasty” employees were the opposite, obviously.

Cornell University Professor Beth Livingston,who led the study, said managers were rewarding nasty behaviour.

“Nice guys are getting the shaft,’ she told the Wall Street Journal. ‘The problem is, many managers often don’t realise they reward disagreeableness.”

Well it’s easy to see what’s going on here. So, before you start deciding which Chanel quilted you will purchase after you tell off the boss, I would take a moment. The “nasty” employees are obviously more assertive and speak up for themselves and what they want. While the “agreeable” ones will do just that-agree and accommodate. Ask and (perhaps) you shall receive. Just back it up with great work.

You don’t want to alienate yourself nor should you feel the need to win a pageant style prize for Miss or Mr. Congeniality. Be fair, assertive and smart.

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