‘No Kardashian Parking Anytime’ Street Signs Pop Up All Over L.A.

Liv Kelleher
Photo: Plastic Jesus

Photo: Plastic Jesus

It looks like you’re not the only one sick of the staggering daily influx of headlines about Kylie’s risque snapchat, Kim’s hair, Rob’s Instagram, and pretty much anything else having to do with the world’s most written-about family. The proof: A crop of “No Kardashian Parking Anytime” signs that have started to show in Los Angeles this week.

To be fair, the signs aren’t part of some new urban planning initiative, but rather the work of irreverent street artist Plastic Jesus, known for installations that riff on pop culture (remember that cocaine-snorting statue outside the Academy Awards venue this year?)

In an interview with LA Weekly, Plastic Jesus said that the parking signs were “a protest at the obsession with the Kardashians and every kind of move they make.” The artist created seven signs and placed them in popular L.A. areas, including in front of DASH, the Kardashian owned boutique on Melrose Avenue.

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Photo: Plastic Jesus

Photo: Plastic Jesus

Several large news sites picked up the story on the Kardashian street signs, only furthering Plastic Jesus’s commentary on our society. In a tweet, the street artist expressed his frustration: “Surprised by the mainstream news media’s pick up on the kardashian sign story. Go and cover real news. When did they become a news event?”

As much as we think the signs are clever, it’s hard not to roll our eyes at the artists’ idea that they wouldn’t become a topic of conversation.

It’d worth noting that the signs have all been removed by the artist himself for unknown reasons, although—despite technically being acts of vandalism—the LAPD reported that they received no complaints. Not too shocking, given the topic.

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