No Job? Sorry, White House Focused On Aliens Instead

Jessica Rubin

The Occupy Movement has sparked an increased awareness of one of America’s largest problems during this recession: unemployment. With thousands of citizens unable to feed their families and pay their rent, the glaring discrepancy between the wealthy and the 99% has become a disturbing daily reality. In this time of unsteady financial need, all eyes are on the government to offer a solution and pull us through.

But D.C. has their own problems to deal with. The race for the 2012 elections has begun, and with a host of colorful and less-than-qualified candidates in the mix, it’s a turbulent time for American politics. Of course, there’s also the pressing question of whether or not our alleged extraterrestrial neighbors truly exist.

If you just had a “Wait, what?!” moment, then you’re not alone.

We were amused, confused and frustrated when we read an article in the LA Times blog about a petition submitted to the government, asking them to acknowledge “‘extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.'” You might think that this is hardly the time to allocate resources to an expensive and rather insignificant search for aliens. But apparently you, like us, are wrong.

Phil Larson, who works for the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and concentrates on space policy and communications, assured petitioners that “the U.S. government is actively involved in the search for life beyond our planet.” Considering that this search involves a spacecraft, a Mars Science Laboratory rover and a privately funded committee, we’re assuming that it’s a pretty pricey venture.

And we can think of hundreds of other things we could use that money for (economic stimulus, overwhelming debt, etc.). I guess we’ll have to continue to place our faith in companies like Starbucks that have taken it upon themselves to try and fix the unemployment epidemic.

Have fun with your space toys, Washington DC!

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