Nine West and Giles Deacon Collaborate: Meet Eek

Kerry Pieri
Nine West and Giles Deacon Collaborate: Meet Eek
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Giles Deacon traffics in the high fashion, playful, whimsical and cool. Nine West appeals to the every girl who likes her shoes way cute, but not way expensive. These two seemingly separate entities came together for a collaboration for Fall 2011 as part of Nine West’s “Shoelaborations,” to some rad results.

I stopped by the Standard Hotel last night to chat with Giles Deacon and see the new collection he and Fred Allard, Creative Director of Nine West, came up with. “We wanted to make them so they had a certain edginess, for them to be recognizable for me, but also not too scary for the Nine West Lady,” Deacon explained, “It’s important to be a commercial and aesthetic success. It’s kind of a double of the two….It’s a great little urban collection for you gals.” And it is! With pony hair, neon accents, some snake skin and color blocking, the pieces are unexpected and completely wearable.

The unexpected part often comes in the form of a little dude found both on some bags and in the collaboration’s logo, a nod to some of Deacon’s past whimsical fascinations that include dinosaurs and lambs. “The inspiration for the collection is all about a character called Eek. It’s a character that fuses a little bit of previous collections and I wanted to incorporate him as a sort of starting point,” Deacon, somewhat cryptically, explains. When asked where Eek originated,I drew him,” the designer says. Why, of course.

Such is the creative mind of a designer. A British designer in particular, which means he’s nearly legally obligated to weigh in on the Royal madness, “I was actually ill on Friday. I flew into Italy and went straight to bed,” Deacon contributed, “I watched half of it from underneath the duvet. I missed it all. But I watched the highlights on Saturday. I thought she looked great, it suited her perfectly. They did a wonderful job. Can’t have been easy.”

Click through for some of the designs from the collection, which hits stores for Fall 2011, and ranges in price from $99 to $149 for shoes, $99 for the tote and $24-$26 for jewelry.