Nina’s Next Television Project


Nina Garcia, now the fashion director at Marie Claire, isn’t calling her TV career quits with Project Runway. Her next TV role is on the CW’s newest drama, The Beautiful Life, starring Sara Paxton as the new model in town, Riana Marinelli. She struts her stuff at the Zac Posen show (who appears in the cameo role), taking the spotlight off none other than Mischa Barton. Formerly known to all as Marissa Cooper, Barton will now fill the modeling shoes of character Sonja Stone.

A producer contacted Joanna Coles of Marie Claire to ask her opinion on optioning Nina for the show. Naturally Coles responded positively, as she is not one to turn down publicity in a challenging time for the magazine industry.

Garcia is confirmed to be in one episode; the question is will she become a regular? We’ll have to watch to find out. The show premieres September 16th.