Nina Garcia, a Birkin and a Twitter Faux Pas

Clare Todhunter

146412323 Nina Garcia, a Birkin and a Twitter Faux Pas

Project Runway judge and Marie Claire editor, Nina Garcia, is either in denial about the state of the economy or she genuinely believes the average American can afford to buy an Hermes Birkin bag with only a “few weeks salary.”

The editor recently tweeted a link to an online auction for the exclusive bag, accompanied with the words:

“This is the bag that you can spend a few weeks’ salary on and not feel guilty. It is going to last you a lifetime.”

Garcia’s legion of Twitter followers, alongside blogs like Fashionista, were quick to cry foul on the editor’s math, reminding her that the average American annual salary is only $26,364, while the cost of Birkin bags range between $14,500 and $74,500.

While the everyday Moda Operandi customer may earn well above the average American, we’re thinking Twitter may not have been the best place to seek out a potential customer for that kind of bag.