Nina Dobrev’s Wild At-Home Cryotherapy Hack

Nina Dobrev’s Wild At-Home Cryotherapy Hack
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As someone who played a cold-blooded vampire for six years, it makes sense that Nina Dobrev would be a big fan of cryotherapy. In case you’ve never indulged in cryotherapy—which can be used to alleviate soreness associated with exercise, but has also become popular with celebs like Lindsay Lohan for its alleged anti-aging properties—it’s a physical therapy in which one’s body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures, and, honestly, it sounds kind of brutal. Usually, people do insane things like take ice baths, apply freezing face masks, or, most commonly and also perhaps most horrifyingly, hang out in deeply sub-zero chambers for short bursts of time. Eek.

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And while cryotherapy seems, er, cool for those who don’t mind the cold (calling all the Elsas out there), it can rack up a hefty bill if you’re doing it often. (Business Insider reports that an average session ranges from $70 to $90.) But Dobrev seems to have discovered a nifty D.I.Y. hack for at-home cryotherapy that is blowing our minds.

The “Vampire Diaries” star detailed an hour-to-hour playback of her average day to Harper’s Bazaar, in which she casually mentioned her sneaky cryotherapy regimen. Though most of the 28-year-old actress’s everyday activities seemed pretty ordinary (walking her dogs, eating breakfast, watching Netflix), Dobrev did reveal a couple of secrets.

After finishing breakfast, which usually includes a protein shake made with Sunwarrior chocolate protein powder, half a banana, almond milk, spinach, kale, cinnamon, and coconut peanut butter shipped from Hawaii (fancy!), Dobrev usually heads to her backyard pool for a morning swim. However—get this—she doesn’t keep the pool heated.

“After breakfast I usually go for a swim in the pool. It’s not heated, so it’s kind of like natural cryotherapy,” she said. Brr! 

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Another unusual part of Dobrev’s beauty routine is her shower. She renovated her Los Angeles home to include a steam shower, and if she has time, she steams and mediates before rinsing off the old-fashioned way.

Peanut butter from Hawaii? A steam shower? An at-home cryotherapy chamber? We’d love to see what other secrets Dobrev has hiding in her home.