Nina Dobrev Opens Up About Not Loving Her Body When She Was Younger

Nina Dobrev Opens Up About Not Loving Her Body When She Was Younger
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In today’s rendition of “Celebrities: They’re Just Like Us!” Nina Dobrev admitted that she’s struggled with her share of body issues, too.

While opening up to “Entertainment Tonight,” Dobrev revealed that she wished she was thinner when she was younger. Along with not loving her figure in her teens, Dobrev also admitted that her awkwardness and tendency to pick at every aspect of her body further contributed to her insecurities.

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“There’s a million things I nit-picked at a younger age,” she said. “Now, when I look back at photos or videos from those days—when I wish I could’ve changed my body—now all I wish is to go back and have that body! I remember not feeling really skinny.”

Given her past toxic relationship with her body, The CW star had some solid advice for her younger self: “It’d be to not sweat the small stuff and just accept who you are, because I was a pretty awkward, weird person,” she said. “So, as I accepted it, that’s when I started to feel more like myself.”

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Dobrev is also channeling this newfound confidence into strength. The actress also spoke about how her new love for weight training—something she didn’t do while filming “The Vampire Diaries”—has “changed everything” for her.

“I actually did not do a lot of [strength training] before,” she said. “I did yoga and ran, but the strength training with the weights—and such a regimented schedule of it—has been new to my life. Now that I understand the way it all works and the science behind it, it’s changed everything for me.”

While there’s no problem with having body insecurities (we all have them), we could all use some Nina Dobrev-level confidence to embrace them.