15 Nightstand Table Decor Ideas We’re Obsessed With

15 Nightstand Table Decor Ideas We’re Obsessed With
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Your bedside table can be more than just the spot where you put your water glass and book at night. With just a few thoughtfully chosen pieces, the place next to your bed can elevate the whole room.

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These 15 photos show chic and unusual ways to style your nightstand so that it’s both pretty and practical.

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A pine table topped with a plant brings natural warmth to a minimalist space.

M House Inc

A small chest of drawers in a deep color like forest green adds richness to a bedroom.

Maggie Overby Studios

Instead of a single stool, try two small ones for a less expected, stylishly asymmetrical look.

Nicest Things

Let your nightstand double as a vanity by propping a mirror against the wall and pairing it with an unobtrusive chair.

The Hunted Interior

These three cinder blocks create a surprisingly chic bedside table.

Alan Gastelum/Dwell

Wedging a round glass table into the corner by a bed creates an extra-cozy feeling.

Nicolette Johnson/The Design Files

A nightstand is an easy, fun way to bring a pop of color into a mostly white bedroom.

Norsu Interiors

A trunk functions as a gorgeous bedside table—and doubles as storage space.

Netta and Jaako/Femina

An open cube lets you place things on top of it, as well as stack books inside it.

Lovely Life

A pretty leaning ladder lets you place different objects at various levels.

Derek Shapton/Dwell

Floating shelves display decorative objects and also give you a place to put bedside books.


Topping a wooden cabinet with a lantern and candlesticks looks both modern and rustic.


A glass cabinet brings a stylishly old-fashioned touch to an up-to-date bedroom.

Andy Liffner/A Merry Mishap

A single floating shelf makes this room appear bigger by creating more open floor space.


Colorful book spines peaking out of this wooden nightstand brighten up this bedside.

Erica Gannett/Design Sponge

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