Night Two of the Northside Festival: Glasslands


I spent the second night of the Northside Festival at Glasslands for the Cantora Records showcase featuring Your Nature, The Acrylics, Savoir Adore,and The Willowz.

You know that part in Almost Famous when Russell Hammond (Billy Cruddup) goes to the party in Topeka, Kansas and trips on acid? Russell finds himself pontificating to every Topekan resident nerd about “being real.” Ironically enough, these “losers” are throwing a raging party with a celebrity among them. The guys from Your Nature look like they could be extras sitting around enthralled with Russell’s philosophizing nonsense. Incidentally, this comparison makes so much sense as their Russell parallel is their drummer Jackson Pollis — the teenage MisShapes DJ. That came together all too well…

I watched the Acrylics from the glorified top bunk makeshift balcony* and genuinely thought it was all a matter of perspective. Uh no. They’re just really small. The Acrylics are the smallest Indie couple to sing with boy/girl vocals. After watching their show, it’s easy to see why The Acrylics have raked in so much buzz recently. Precious singing and careful harmonies make the music catchy Indie-pop that is approachable to newcomers.

Savoir Adore was the third band of the night and the band with the most buzz surrounding them. After features on $99 Music Videos and dropping their latest EP for free download, Savoir Adore continues to deliver energetic and impeccably tight performances. Better jump on this bandwagon lest it run you over on its way to Indie fame.

Finally, California natives, The Willowz, played. I missed it because I was busy watching my friend kick off his shoe which was promptly run over by a passing car when the shoe fell in the middle of the road.

*For those of you who don’t know, The Glasslands is built like a tree house with its raised loft space that is built out of wood, twine, metal, and that cat toy with a ball on the end of a stick. Really, how could this go wrong?